About Us

The Coral Reef Company is a saltwater aquarium supply company based out of New Richmond WI. The owner, Ethan LaMirande, got into the industry around three years ago. He started with one saltwater tank and just like many other hobbyists, now has multiple. On top of the personal aquarium experience, Ethan gained further saltwater aquarium knowledge by working side by side with a local live coral retailer. One thing that separates us from others is that we will be donating 20% of our profits to non-profit organization, which has yet to be determined. To learn a little more about this head to our donating page. Another thing we strive for is outstanding customer service. When you do business with our company you can expect to be treated like family. With that said, we look forward to becoming an active part in the reefing community and getting to meet every one of you. Thanks for your time and happy reefing.